About the Author

There is a gem within each of us, one worth all the stars in heaven. Those who recognize it can accomplish great things, and in time help others see it within themselves. I am such a person: a man born and raised in adversity with a fierce desire to become more than the world would like him to believe he can be. As a Utah native, I’ve lived in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains all the years of my life. I can’t imagine any other place being home, yet my heart yearns to venture beyond the horizon and experience all the wonders of God and man for myself.

Of course, my health has kept me from straying far from home for very long, so I satisfy my hunger by escaping into stories that lift my spirits & stimulate my imagination. Stories of heroes who journeyed to strange new lands, and overcame great odds in the process to become the legends that remind us all that anything is possible. Now, after years of reading, pondering, & writing, not only have I earned my degree in creative writing, I’ve also created an epic masterpiece containing a grand vision for humanity. A vision aimed at reminding every man, woman, & child of the gem that rests within their souls. My hope is that millions of people will read it, and through the power of storytelling come together in a spirit of love to usher in a new age of peace, progress, and prosperity.